I started as an inspector of produce and produce business and worke my way up to be a self-manager in the strawberry industry. I came across ATS and gave him a chance as I had just taken over delivering fresh strawberries to grocery chains throughout the United States. In the 20 years, I’ve been doing this I’ve seen years when transportation is easy and I’ve seen years like the last two during Covid 19 the transportation was tough. I can honestly say that ATS and his entire team have been there and handled my transportation the way I’ve asked him to through good times and tough times. Having ATS handle this piece for me, enables me to spend time growing sales and working with my growers to produce a consistent high-quality product. Their on-time delivery performance provides a positive reflection of my company. I consider ATS Advanced Transportation Service Inc., not just a supplier but a partner that I rely on I am fortunate to have them as an extension of my team!

Strawberry Shipper

ATS has been a trusted and valuable partner of ours for years. They have become our logistics department and created the necessary solutions for us to service our customers. Whether it’s the day staff or the after-hours team they understand our needs and goals ATS has provided transportation management solutions at a superior level. Using Barry at ATS has made my job easier and has allowed me to focus on growing our business. The entire staff is a true pleasure to work with and is one of my biggest assets.” This team really cares.

Food Service Client

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